Hamilton Lodge School

Social, Emotional & Mental Health.

At HLSC we recognise the importance of supporting the development of positive emotional and mental health of our learners as we believe that, in so doing, our learners are enabled to achieve personally, socially and academically at their optimum levels.

We recognise that many children with emotional/mental health difficulties also have associated challenges in areas of physical health or development/neurodevelopment. Therefore, we believe it essential that mental health is not considered in isolation from children’s wider developmental trajectories. Our staff receive a high level of training in typical and atypical child development which helps to ensure that our learners access our universal, targeted and/or specialist provisions wherever indicated.

We strive to create school and residential environments in which our learners are supported to be resilient and mentally healthy, intervening promptly and proactively whenever learners are thought to be at risk of developing mental health difficulties.

We have excellent links with National Deaf CAMHS and offer on-site clinics for learners and families requiring access to this service.