Hamilton Lodge School

Residential Standards & Policies


We constantly review the provision we have in place to ensure it is as good as it can be and it meets and exceeds the residential schools national minimum standards. We make changes if and when required. We carry out an extensive self evaluation annually where we review every aspect of our provision highlighting areas for further development. These are then incorporated into our development planning to ensure we are continually improving what we can offer our learners.

In addition to this:

  • we are inspected annually by Ofsted using the common inspection framework and see this as a critical quality assurance process that helps us ensure we do what we say we do..
  • We facilitate a number of Local Authority compliance visits every year.

Independent visitor

Lance Miles is our independent visitor. Lance visits once every six weeks in residential time, he complies a report on the residential provision which is shared with staff and governors. Lance has extensive experience of working in residential care . When visiting Lance is available to see learners and staff privately should they wish.  

Responsible Governor

Katie Love is the governor with links to the residential provision. Katie worked in a residential special school early in her career and has broad experience of working with SEND learners both face to face and at a strategic level.

Learner led improvement

Leaners have several opportunities to contribute towards the improvement of the daily running of their provision. A weekly school council meeting is attended by a peer elected group of learners and the Head Teacher, Business Manager and Head of Care. These meetings are recorded, and the minutes circulated to all leaners and staff. 

There are house meetings at least termly in each house, where learners are encouraged to raise issues relevant to their residential settings. Records of these meetings are made and circulated.