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Summary of programme

We provide independent careers advice for all learners from year 9 onwards with our independent careers adviser, Kate Beecham. Kate signs and can provide direct communication for our learners with no need for third party intervention. 

Kate works alongside school and FE staff to provide a range of activities to raise awareness of options for our learners and they work together to encourage learners to join in external careers fairs such as at the Amex stadium and at our partner colleges.

It is our aim that every learner, for whom it is deemed appropriate, should have first hand experiences of the workplace through visits, a placement or experiences in school. Workplace experiences are delivered within the school setting especially when students are unable to access settings outside of school.

Any employers or anyone who would be interested in getting involved or offering placements for our learners, please contact careers@hamiltonlsc.co.uk

More Information for parents/carers/learners

More information on careers and work for young Deaf learners can be found on the NDCS website.

Assessing the impact of our programme.

We evaluate our programme against the 8 benchmarks used by the Compass Careers Benchmark tool.

  • Benchmark 1: Stable careers programme
  • Benchmark 2: Learning from career and labour market information
  • Benchmark 3: Pupil needs
  • Benchmark 4: Curriculum
  • Benchmark 5: Employer encounters
  • Benchmark 6: Workplace experiences
  • Benchmark 7: Educational encounters
  • Benchmark 8: Personal guidance

This guides our development plan for careers and provides us with a rationale for focussed support.

You can see more information about our work based learning and careers programme here:

 Programme and Provider Access at our school

Date of next review

Programme and Provider Access will be reviewed in the summer of 2023.

We welcome feedback on our careers programme from learners, parents/carers and employers.  Please email any comments or suggestions to: